Justin speaking after Burgess Hill game

We are going through a rough time at present and results are not very good and I don’t think we need telling that. We were in winning positions twice last night but failed to hold on due to individual errors and bad decision making. Absolutely and without any doubt I am accountable for results and the way the team is set up. I take full responsibility for the results and can tell you that there is no-one working harder in the division to turn it around. We have great players here at this club and I know they will turn things around. Will I be here to see that? That’s not a question I can answer, that’s a question for the Chairman and the board. What I can tell you is that, I will not stand down, even after some unpleasant abuse last night directed towards me. I have worked damn hard this season to bring this club success and I will continue to do that. Up until the weekend results could and should have been so different this season, but they haven’t and we are where we are. I fully accept that you have your opinions and you are entitled to them and I have no problem with you venting your anger towards me. That’s my job and it goes with the territory.


However, what concerns me is that some people seem to want to turn on the players and for me that’s unacceptable. In our games and in this division you get between 100 and 300 fans. Therefore, everyone can hear what everyone shouts out during a game. I know you have your favourites as all clubs do and we know who they are. However, there are also a lot of other players at the club giving their all every week to get a result. They make mistakes and they know that but they don’t do it on purpose. They are not on £50,000 a week and so I don’t think they warrant some of the harsh criticism and sometimes unpleasant abuse that they receive. My players give their all and always have done and when they don’t I will dish out the criticism.


Direct any of your frustrations towards me. You did on Tuesday and if that’s how you feel then vent towards me. I am the person who takes responsibility for the results, it’s my job. If you don’t feel that I am the right person that’s fair enough. But I do. I am here and I am going to keep working hard to get it right and I have enough faith in my players to get the required results. But please please please get behind the players. I don’t think you realise what effect you can have on them. When you are signing and willing them forward and getting behind them, they love it. But when the criticism comes in it hits them hard. We have to remember we have a lot of young lads learning the game as well and they need our support. I’m not saying I don’t want you to moan and groan, its football and it goes with the territory. But they feel the hurt of a loss more than you do trust me, and I just think sometimes the criticism is too harsh and bordering on verbal abuse which is not helpful.


Where do we go from here? I’ll tell you. We stick together as a team and we work hard to get results. We need to go back to basics a bit and the players fully buy into that. They want to be successful and when you have senior players telling you that it’s the most talented side they have ever played in at this level, you know you can turn things around.


Like I say. I take all the responsibility for the results. But I back my players and I also back you fans as you have been fantastic since I have been here and I can assure you no matter how long I am here I will not give up and throw the towel in as I believe we can get this right.


Heard it all before? Fed up of the same lines? Same old same old? Well if that’s how you feel I can do nothing about it. I will give my all as I always do, there is no-one at the whole club who feels a defeat more than I do, and that’s a fact!


We move to Saturday. Three Bridges away. A 6 pointer? Don’t be ridiculous. We have played 13 games and we have 29 games to go. 87 points to play for. We will go for the win Saturday, but at this point I will take a draw. Stop the rot and build a little momentum. Results breed confidence and we need to get a few games without defeat. I don’t need to remind you that we are still only 10 points behind 2nd place, that’s how tight the league is. We need to get a few wins together. That may start Saturday or we may have to dig in a bit more over the next few weeks. Time will tell.