Tino Makura scores for the reserves
Tino Makura scores for the reserves

Whitstable Town Reserves 1 Ramsgate Reserves 2

Hurlimann Kent League Division One

Tuesday 16th April 2013

Comments from Bob Reardon – Reserve Team Manager

Never has a statement been more true–IF YOU DONT TAKE YOUR CHANCES, YOU WON’T WIN THE GAME !! .  Ramsgate took their two chances half way through the first half and we never took our half a dozen , chances. The Ramsgater keeper has made three world class and really I  mean world class. Our keeper has been playing with a bad shoulder injury so in the second half we put our forward in goal but he does not have to make one save. Whitstable spent all the second half in the Ramsgate half and their keeper makes another three great. We did get a goal back , and spent the rest of the game trying to equalise, If they had beaten us by playing decent football I can live with that. The game was so one sided it was ridiculous. We will regroup and face the big game on Saturday at home to Erith Town.