Gary received the following e mail from Horsham re their injured players from last night

Hi Gary,


On behalf of Horsham Football Club we would like to thank you and all the staff who helped with our injured players last night a special thanks to your physio who attending Gary Charman while our physio was attending to Billy – Joe.

I’m pleased to report that Gary improved as the long evening went on and has a severe dead Leg and a nasty lump on his head but hopefully already on the road to recovery, I haven’t spoken to him today but on the way home he was feeling alot better but very sore.

Billy -Joe after arriving at Maidstone Hospital he had to wait until a long time to be seen and he has been patch up with some temporary stitches . luckily his eye socket doesn’t seemed to be damaged but has alot of swelling , will update when he has been re seen closer to home.

yet again thank you