Firstly I’d like to apologise to all whom didn’t receive or see any of the messages broadcast by the various forms of social media and duly arrived on Sunday afternoon for what should have been an excellent afternoon and early evening’s entertainment.

As one of our major fundraisers & means of community involvement (in addition to the football of course), we were desperately disappointed to have to postpone the event at such short notice; however following the direction and guidance of Viking Fireworks in conjunction with our Health & Safety specialist we were left with little alternative but to pull the event – a massive disappointment to us and I know you.

Whilst to some this appeared an early decision, it was evidently the correct decision with the deterioration of already inclement and unstable weather as you would have witnessed if you were around the ground between 5 – 7pm.

I’d like to thank all the Staff & Volunteers at the Club whom did so much both prior to the day in the organisation of such a large event and whom attended during the afternoon to both ‘man’ and convey messages to those whom arrived.

Refunds: The Club has rightly decided to refund all whom pre-purchased tickets for this event.

Those that purchased via our Online Portal have already had refunds sanctioned to their card or bank from which they paid, whilst those that pre-purchased tickets through the five retailers around the town (whom we again thank for their support: Kent Estate Agents, The Ship Centurion, Sundan Jewelers, PH Accountancy & The Lounge Restaurant & Bar Tankerton ) will be reimbursed at the Ground either today Wednesday, Friday or next Monday mornings (between 10-Noon) or at the Ground should you be attending the match vs. Burgess Hill on Saturday on return of your ticket.

It is unlikely that this Firework event will be planned for the near future, but as always we will keep you advised through the various means.

Finally, a special thank you to Phil Gurr, Haydon Rouse, Wes McLaughlin & John Ledger for their time and efforts in spreading the word of the event postponement and for those whom have taken the time to contact both myself & the club.

The support to the Club of local residents and those of surrounding areas together with the business community means so much, my heartfelt thanks; perhaps you’ll come along on Saturday when we entertain League Leaders and the yet unbeaten Burgess Hill Town, KO 3pm?

Thank you for your understanding.

Gary on behalf of all at the Club.